Beyond Green Certified Plant-Based Cat Litter Bags

“Did you know that at beyondGREEN biotech, Inc. we manufacture all of our cat litter waste bags in the United States at our very own manufacturing facilities? That too from BASF’s certified compostable biopolymers! We are on a mission to aid in the reduction of traditional, single-use plastic pollution and with that in mind, not only do we distribute our own branded ‘beyondGREEN’ cat litter bags but also work with individuals and corporations to assist them in manufacturing their very one brand of cat litter bags at our facility using the same biopolymers we use! We are priced competitive to off-shore manufacturers, so give us a chance to manufacture cat litter pick-up bags for you! Working together, we will be able to help reduce traditional, petro-based plastic bags from our planet!”

Beyond Green Certified Plant-Based Cat Litter Bags, 100 Bags SKU 1996299849
Beyond Green Plant-Based Cat Litter Bags, Regular, 100 Bags
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