Make mealtime simple with this natural canned dog food for all nutritional needs. Growing and adult dogs will enjoy the premium ingredients, rich in essential amino acids, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and optimum animal proteins. Canidae pet foods are ultra nutritionally dense and full of natural ingredients, nourishing your dog in every bite. High quality, wholesome ingredients including farm-grown veggies and premium proteins make this the best wet food for dogs, with all the goodness they deserve.

Natural dog food for dogs of all ages — great for small and large breeds alike
Crafted for multi-dog homes
A variety of delicious flavors simmered in broth
We develop our recipes with care, helping dogs enjoy Canidae just as much as fresh dog food

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CANIDAE All Life Stages Formula Canned Dog Food, 13-oz
CANIDAE All Life Stages Formula Canned Dog Food, 13-oz, Case of 12
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