NutriSource Dog Dry Beef & Brown Rice

“NutriSource® Beef and Rice formula is ideal for all breeds and all life stages.  NutriSource® Beef and Rice formula delivers super premium nutrition in a holistically formulated, easy-to-digest food. Our New Beef formula is an extension of our grain inclusive formulas that are widely considered the best value in any store.  Pound for pound, when it comes to cost, ingredient quality and our use of unsurpassed Alltech supplements (Good4Life) – there is no equal!  We source Mid-Western raised Beef, low-ash Lamb meal, Brown rice, and carefully selected holistic ingredients to promote balanced growth and unparalleled health for your special friend. Health of your beloved pet is our #1 priority. Our Good 4 Life supplements guarantee your family pet will have a healthy digestive system and a robust immune system.  Bio-availability is important to your pet’s long-term health so we created a highly digestible, nutrient dense morsel with +85% digestibility rating.  With NutriSource® you can feed less and get more nutrition – Health begins here!”

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NutriSource Dog Beef Brown Rice 15lb.
NutriSource Dog Dry Beef & Brown Rice, 15-lb
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