The Natural Dog Company Beef Gullet Strips

Made of beef esophagus which has been split down the center and flattened into a strip. Averages 11-13 pieces per bag. The texture is similar to a firm jerky, and pieces can be folded and broken off of each strip. This chew is softer and a little easier to digest compared to a bully stick, so itís a great recommendation for customers who are concerned about harder chews or customers with dogs that have missing teeth or other dental problems. This chew is much more palatable than a bully stick, so it’s perfect for those picky dogs who are discerning about what they’re chewing.

  • Great for dogs all sizes and stages of life
  • Single Source protein
  • Relives stress and boredom
  • Lasting chew to soothe your dogs desire to gnaw
  • Flavor dogs love!


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